Sizing Charts

Please note that due to varying head and body sizes/shapes the below are recommendations, actual fit may vary. For any questions please contact us with your measurements. 


To ensure a good and proper fit, have someone else measure your head while you face forward. Have them wrap the measuring tape around your head just above the eyebrows.


Shoulderpads come in various designs so first select the right pads for your position. If you're not sure, an all-purpose pad like the Kombine AP may be best.

To get your sizes you'll need to get someone to measure across the back of your shoulders and around your chest while you stand facing forward with your arms relaxed by your sides.

STEP 1 - pull the tape taught over the contour of the shoulders, measuring from the outside tip of one humerus to the other.

STEP 2 -  Wrap the tape around the chest at nipple height, ensuring it is the same height all around.